Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our love story

Salam Readers

Our love story, its not like a fairy tale stories that i read semasa i childhood dulu..
But it is still the best thing in mylife..
He is my friend, the bestfriend that i ever had, he is my consultant, penasihat saya, he is my mirror :)
bunyi macam puji melebih-lebih pulak kan, but its true.. Dia hero di mata i, at least when i say that he is cute and his mum cakap si dia tak cute,we still laughing at that.. sayang u always look good and cute and handsome in my eyes :)

oo..oo..hati i berbunga-bunga riang macam lagu yuna sparkle,huhu bila dia cakap jom kahwin next year.. then its started from that day, kami dah start planning untuk our big day..
bila i tengok quote 'he is my other half' sekarang baru i faham kenape that kind of quote exists, hihi sebab i sangat yakin, alhamdulilah he is my other half :)

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