Friday, July 6, 2012

tiffany blue :)

Salam Readers

I have a confession to made..
i always avoid blue..sebab i rasa its not suitable and friendly with my skin tone,huhu

but it change..
i tiba-tiba macam dah fall in love with tiffany blue :)
i pun rasa pelik dengan diri sendiri..
as i remember i only have one shirt warna biru..hahaha
tapi for my big day i'm considering to choose tiffany blue..

jom lah tengok some of this pictures i have found in the internet..
OOOOh My...................u are so sweeet :)

invitation card :)
i just love the blue ribbons..
haha..getting tempting with this tiffany blue :)

invitation card again :)
something simple and white ribbon on it :)

gift box :)
maybe i can fill it with some blue macarons, yummies
haha,abes semua pewarna biru kat kedai macam nie,


the man :)
the neck tie..
the vest pun tiffany blue :)

the shoes :)
also tiffany blue...

oh my... the sweet ring :)
blue stone untuk ring itu..

get inspired from here :)

the clutch :)

witwit..super gorgeous colours :)

manusia memang senang berubah,
daripada tak suka terus macam nak suka..suka..hahaha

SWEET sangat :)

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